CD REVIEW: Chase Coy "Picturesque"

PicturesqueChase Coy is one of those young singer/songwriters that people love to love or love to hate. The fact still remains that, despite his youth, he is an incredibly talented lyricist and musician. He may not be the next John Mayer, but he sure is following down the same path that Mayer once ventured down almost a decade ago. Coy has put together a new collection of music that speaks to music fans of all ages. Mostly talking about love and relationships (as with most male singer/songwriters) the songs on the album are interesting and radio friendly. The title track and "If The Moon Fell Down" (which features vocals by Colbie Caillat) are easy standouts in the mix, but every song on the album have their moments. Coy is a bright young star, and now that he is being unleashed on the masses, he is sure to rocket to stardom. He should do alright, considering he has the music chops to back up his pop appeal.