CD REVIEW: Delta Spirit "History From Below"

History from Below (Amazon Exclusive Version)Not as upbeat and poppy as their debut album, Delta Spirit has returned with an incredible mature take on indie rock music. With success off their first album it came time to reproduce the kind of album that they had brought us the first time out, and what they did was go one step beyond. Instead of making a new collection of music that resembled the last, they set out to explore the avenues that they felt they needed to go down. The first treat off of the album is the widely popular song "Bushwick Blues" which matches their stellar lyricism with a little bit more rock than indie pop than some of their previous hits. Lyrical content takes center stage on many of their songs, as is the case in the excellent tracks "White Table" and "Golden State." The truth of the matter is that Delta Spirit has risen to the occasion and shown us that they are no fly-by-night act and that they can make really great albums featuring incredible songs. They get to the bare bones of their sound on this album and prove that true musicianship is the essence of a great recording.