CD REVIEW: Good Old War "Good Old War"

Good Old War (Amazon MP3 Exclusive Version) Good Old War aren't your typical indie rock band. While they might be on an indie label and they might make unconventional music that is not super mainstream, they do make music that is incredibly accessible to the masses. They pull from influences that are straight out of the 1960s and 1990s to make a blend of indie folk that is fresh and exciting. Fleet Foxes had success last year with their CSN style harmonies, and this year the world will embrace Good Old War's CSN-meets-Bob Dylan influenced self titled album. Their 90s influences come in the form of indie pop rock and coupled with their folk instrumentation and vocal delivery, it makes for an incredible collection of new tunes. Songs such as "My Own Sinking Ship" and "Get Some" may find their place on alternative rock and AAA radio, as they are well written, catchy, and deserving of mass exposure. They also showcase their incredible musicianship and instrumentation on three instrumental tracks cleverly entitled "Good," "Old," and "War." After wowing listeners with their debut album, they solidify themselves as the real deal with their heart, their soul, and their music out on their sleeves for all to see.