CD REVIEW: Tamarama "Tamarama"

Tamarama After gaining a little popularity after one of their members appeared as a regular on the MTV show "The City," Tamarama has returned with their first full length album. Previously they helped us get to know them through an acoustic heavy EP that showed off their laid back beach rock style. They electrify their sound a little more on their self titled debut adding many more elements of pop rock into the mix. The first single "Lifetime On The Run," mixes their laid back style with pop sensibility to make it both accessible for lover's of beach style folk rock and traditional pop rock music. Some of the more intriguing songs on the album, where they take some creative liberties with the music, are "Roses," "Live My Life," and "You Got Me Bad." Now that they have rounded out there sound, Tamarama are sure to become a staple of everybody's summertime playlists.