CD REVIEW: Jonathan Clay "Everything She Wants"

Everything She Wants
Jonathan Clay is an incredibly soulful singer/songwriter who's newest album showcases his musical maturity and bluesy guitar stylings. Not quite at the level of John Mayer, but certainly amazing with the axe, Clay's lyrics and guitar solos virtually do battle throughout the entire album as each try to be the anchor. Luckily both the lyrics and the musicianship play an equal role in the success of the album. The album is full of radio ready hits such as "Lucky To Be Loved By You," "Close To You," and "Gypsy Woman." The whole disc is full of songs that show off Clay's great lyrics and stellar guitar skills. Jonathan Clay is an incredible talent that may not be as widely known as he should, and despite the fact that he had a video in rotation on VH1, this album is the one that is going to put him permanently on the map.