CD REVIEW: Tony Lucca "Rendezvous With The Angels"

Rendezvous With The Angels
Tony Lucca's newest album is by far is best ever.  He has definitely outdone himself with the lyrical content, and love is an overall theme of the entire disc. The simplicity of the music is outstanding, laying the groundwork for some of Lucca's most heartfelt tunes. Friends Keaton Simons, Curtis Peoples, and Sara Bareilles all make vocal contributions to the album, adding another layer of awesomeness to Lucca's signature blues and soul influenced acoustic rock. "Long Love Letter" is sure to gain this album some major attention, with its catchy hook and singable lyrics. Lucca also includes his take on the classic Billy Joel song "Vienna." Tony Lucca is one of those musicians that has been around for a while but has not quite reached the level of recognition that he truly deserves. Lucca has proven that he is the real deal and can put together outstanding albums full of personal and soulful songs that any music lover can get into.