CD REVIEW: moe. "Smash Hits, Volume One"

Smash Hits, Volume One After a 20 year (and still going) career, it's only logical to release a greatest hits album. Well, for moe., unconventional is always the way to go and they spare no expense with their recently released 'best of' collection. "Smash Hits, Volume One" is a collection of 10 of the band's best songs, mostly comprised of the songs that the band and those close to the band have deemed to be fan favorites. With an incredibly extensive catalogue to pull from, it's a wonder they were able to narrow it down to just 10 songs, but then again, this is only volume one. The and also decided to rerecord many of the songs on the album to give them a fresh interpretation, some of which were new over a decade ago. The band was unable to get the rights to the recordings they released when they were with Sony Music, so rather than not include some of their best songs ever, they decided to showcase the songs by recording updated versions of the music. To no surprise at all, each song is as awesome as the original and every liver performance of the song. They've also included the first ever studio recording of "Seat Of My Pants," a song that has been played live a countless number of times, but never saw the light of day on a studio album. These guys continue to wow audiences, reinvent themselves, and create unconventional and fantastic music. These songs truly are some of the band's best songs, and the future will surely contain several more volumes of this series, as moe. has many more and will continue to record smash hits.