CD REVIEW: Todd Carey "After The Morning After"

After The Morning After Todd Carey is one of those pop singer/songwriters that gets underapprecaited, simply because his style of music sounds a lot like many others. Well, that doesn't mean that his music should not get recognized at all. His latest EP release starts off right where his last release left, with great pop tunes that are catchy, singable, and connect easily to the listener. He has always had a way with words, and on this release he shows off how sometimes the simplest lyrics and simplest content make some of the best music. Songs like the title track and "The First Day" are equal parts pop and indie, making them just perfect enough not to sound like the overdone style of pop rock you can hear on top 40 radio. His music is still small and personal, just the way it should be, and his fans and new listeners alike can all benefit from his connection to his lyrics and sincerity of his delivery.