CD REVIEW: Travie McCoy "Lazarus"

Lazarus (Explicit) Gym Class Heroes broke out in the last few years reinventing the genre or rap-rock. Nothing like the style of music that was everywhere in the late 90's, their brand featured more tongue-in-cheek lyrics and a pop/emo style of rock music that was much more accessible by all music fans. This album sees the solo debut of the bands lead singer/vocalist Travie McCoy, showing off much of the same that we have come to love from Gym Class Heroes. The twist is that creative freedom went one hundred percent to McCoy, and he decided to take the ball and run with it, doing some new things, some old things, and some off the wall things. The album is much more pop and hip hop than the alternative sound of Gym Class Heroes, reaching a different type of music fan. GCH fans will love this album, but it is a slight departure. Reggae is showcased in the debut single "Billionaire" and McCoy brings the funk and soul on "Dr. Feel Good" with a little help from Cee-Lo Green. Overall, McCoy has proven that he's got a firm grasp on the music industry and shows no signs of slowing down whether is is all alone or with his band.