CD REVIEW: Rooney "Eureka"

Eureka Southern California is a mecca for great music and other than the Beach Boys, Rooney may be the only other band around whose music actually sounds like Southern California. This album is the first full length album that Rooney is releasing on their own since leaving their major label behind. The entire collection of music is full of upbeat music that transports you right to the beach. The band's signature power pop sound at times is reminiscent of Weezer or Phantom Planet. "I Can't Get Enough," the album's first single, is one of this year's catchiest tunes. "I Don't Wanna Lose You" and "Only Friend" are also two excellent tracks, showing off how Rooney can continue to do the same thing, while still adding a few twists and turns to make it exciting and fresh. Rooney will continue to be one of the best SoCal pop bands around, and their new venture without major label backing proves that all you really need is great songs and a great vibe.