CD REVIEW: LCD Soundsystem "This Is Happening"

This Is Happening
Dance music has been made cool again by LCD Soundsystem. This, their third album, is however, less danceable, than their first two from a "party-in-the-club" standpoint. Yet, indie kids will surely be able to get their groove on with these nine tracks. Much like LCD's first two albums the disc is heavy on syncopated rhythms and synthesizers, but this time Jame Murphy & Co.'s lyrics play much more of a heavier role in the music. "Drunk Girls," the album's first single, is an excellent track and reminiscent of the work the band has previously done. The album's true gems are "You Wanted A Hit" which has a bit of an 80's synth pop feel and "Dance Yrself Clean." "One Touch" and "Pow Pow" are also great additions to LCD Soundystem's catalogue. LCD Soundsystem started it all with the indie rock meets dance rock style of music Now that many other bands have jumped on board this wagon, it seems that these guys are still doing it right, making it classic, and bringing us the danceable indie rock music that is uniquely their own.