CD REVIEWS: Keane "Night Train"

Night Train (Amazon MP3 Exclusive Version) [+Digital Booklet]
After coming off of a successful third album that featured probably their best song ever recorded ("Spiralling"), Keane are back rather quickly with a new collection of tunes that pick right up where the last album left off. This short set features only eight tracks, but has a few really awesome compositions included in it. Rapper K'naan joins in on the fun on two of the tracks, "Looking Back" and "Stop For A Minute." It's kind of interesting hearing rap music mixed with Keane's Brit pop style, but "Stop For A Minute" wouldn't be as awesome a song if it wasn't for the inclusion of K'naan's lyrics and performance. It is one of Keane's best singles. The opening track is an instrumental and "Back In Time" and "Clear Skies" could have easily found their way onto and fit into any of Keane's other releases. Written, conceptualized, and recorded while touring, this new release by Keane will surely hold us over until they get back into a proper studio and bang out their next album.