CD REVIEW: Cary Brothers "Under Control"

Under Control
After breaking onto the scene as a result of his inclusion on the soundtrack for the hugely successful and excellent independent movie "Garden State," Cary Brother has not turned back. He has released a slew of incredible albums and EPs and this newest effort is just as good as the rest. The album's lead single "Ghost Town" is a lyrical gem and proves why Zach Braff chose to include him on his film's soundtrack. Other standout songs are "Break Off The Bough," "Over & Out," and the album's title track. One of the coolest track on the album is the cover of obscure 80's song "Something About You," which fans of 80's music will instantly recognize and all Cary Brothers fans will mistake for one of his awesome originals. Truly and excellent collection of tunes, at only 10 tracks long, leaves fans satisfied and craving more all at the same time.