CD REVIEW: Sleeperstar "Just Another Ghost"

Just Another Ghost
Sleeperstar have returned with their best album to date. "Just Another Ghost" is the definition of what it is to make a great rock record. It won't be long before alternative rock radio station are picking up this album and adding its songs to their heavy rotation. And, despite the album's excellence, Sleeperstar remains unsigned and put the disc out all on their own. Recycling older songs like "Texas Rain" and "Disengage" (their best song period) and combing them with newer standouts like "We Go Tonight (Say It Again)" and "Only Human" is the perfect formula for making the album that is going to get you recognized by exponentially more fans than before, not to mention all the major labels. "We Go Tonight" and "Disengage" have the makings of superstar rock records and will hopefully find themselves atop airplay charts in the not-too-distant future. Sleeperstar have proven that they are the real deal and can rub shoulders with the best around, and this album is as good as anything that any alt-rock band has put out as of late.