CD REVIEW: Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds "Live In Las Vegas"

Live In Las Vegas
Dave Matthews has really returned to his roots as a musician with his most recent releases. This collaboration with long time friend and touring bandmate Tim Reynolds is also a return of sorts, reinvigorating his duet acoustic perfomances with Reynolds and releasing an outstanding new collection. "Live At Luther College" marked the first time fans got to have a proper recording of a Matthews/Reynolds performance, but it's this album that really shows off the stuff of legends. Matthews breaks out both old and new tunes, breathing new life into some and showing off a new twist in others. The double disc set offers a listen to the organic side of the songs of of DMB's most recent studio release. A cover of Led Zeppelin's"Kashmir" makes it into the mix, and a few unreleased Matthews songs make is in as well. The album features a few tunes from Matthews' solo album as well, making the mix of music very well rounded. Dave Matthews and Tim Reynolds are a special treat when they combine their forces together on stage, and they are incredibly intriguing when they are all alone with out their bands.