CD REVIEW: O.A.R. "Rain Or Shine"

Rain Or Shine (LIVE)
One of the best live bands around, O.A.R. has put out an excellent new live album showcasing their two night run in Chicago in June 2009. Having already released a handful of live albums, O.A.R. is now stranger to this format, however this album is the first to span the band's entire studio catalogue. The best part about the album is that, across two nights, the band fit in their hits, many of their fan's favorites, and a few surprises as well. In the first night's set, the guys stuck in an acoustic set of tunes featuring their signature tune "That Was a Crazy Game Of Poker" and their hit song "Shattered." "Risen," "This Town," "Love And Memories," Hey Girl," and "Lay Down." all find their way onto the album. Fan favorities like "Black Rock," "On Top The Cage," and "City On Down" were all included and performed outstandingly. Robert Randolph joined the band on stage during the night one performance to perform a cover of the Led Zeppelin song "Fool In The Rain." The "Rain Or Shine" aspect of the album comes from the weather that the band experienced during their two nights, and they weren't about to let it stop them. Their catalogue is extensive and between the two discs only 2 songs were repeated, and they were performed both acousticly plugged in. This album is certainly awesome and features some of their best released live performances of certain songs to date.