CD REVIEW: Lissie "Catching A Tiger"

Catching A Tiger
Every now and again a musician comes along and surprises listeners with their incredible songs and music. That such musician is Lissie, and her debut full length album is full of excellent tracks. Produced by a handful of big names including Jaquire King (Kings Of Leon) and Bill Reynolds (Band Of Horses), each song takes on a bit of the producers signature style and a whole life of their own. The album's first single "In Sleep" is easily one of the ten best songs of 2010 and the guitar solo at the end of the song is unlike anything heard on an indie rock recording. "Cuckoo" and "When I'm Alone" are a couple of the other standouts, however, each song on the album can stand alone as a great song. Lissie is truly the next big thing, and her blend of indie, classic, southern, and alternative rock styles is both interesting and outstanding.