CD REVIEW: Robert Randolph & The Family Band "We Walk This Road"

We Walk This Road (Deluxe)
The master of the pedal steel, Robert Randolph, has release his third album and has returned, slightly, to his roots as a musician. The album is incredibly heavy on the influence of gospel and soul music, and for this rocker, it's a bit of a departure from the sound of his first to studio albums. Also, this album is heavy on cover songs, with Randolph & band taking on songs by Bob Dylan, Prince, and John Lennon. In fact, Lennon's "I Don't Want To Be A Soldier Mama" is one of the standout songs from this album. Randolph only co-wrote four of the tracks on this album, and one in particular is one of Randolph's best released songs. Featuring Ben Harper on guitar and vocals, "If I Had My Way," is an excellent combination of heavy guitar rock and gospel influenced blues which is the closest bridge to Robert Randolph's previous work. On this album the Family Band also plays a much larger role as many of the tracks feature Lanesha Randolph and Danyel Morgan on vocals. This T-Bone Burnett produced album is certainly a great one and really showcases Randolph's pedal steel mastery and unique mix of rock, gospel, soul and blues.