CD REVIEW: Matt Hires "A To B"

A to B EP
Although he just recently released his debut album, Matt Hires has decided to grace us with a few new tunes to keep our cravings at a minimum until his next full length release. This EP features a reinterpreted version of his hit single (and downright awesome song) "Honey, Let Me Sing You A Song," which falls somewhere between the studio version from his debut album and an acoustic performance of the song. The original version also appears on the EP. This digital only release also features two brand new songs, the title track "A To B" and "Rock N' Roll Heart," both of which could have easily found themselves on the debut. These songs are the epitome of pop rock music and are exactly the style you'd expect from Hires. Nothing outrageously inventive, but nothing incredibly run-of-the-mill either, Matt's new tunes could play on the radio, but could very well become just a few fan favorites that only the die hards fall in love with. Either way, Matt Hires has proven that his debut album and the beauty of it was not a fluke and he can match its excellence with subsequent releases, even if they are only a few songs long.