CD REVIEW: Roy Jay "Fairfax Avenue"

Fairfax Avenue
Florida musician Roy Jay has returned with his second album, this time featuring more of a classic rock and blues influence array of songs. His debut album had him pegged as a Bob Dylan-meets-Jimmy Buffet style singer/songwriter because of his excellent combination of folk and island styles of music. On his latest, Roy has continued his fun loving attitude and added a bit more substance to the music in the way of some excellent funky horns and killer bluesy guitar riffs. He gets a little help from some of his indie friends and both Tony Lucca and Joey Ryan collaborate by co-writing and singing on some tracks. His backing band also features some well known musicians such as the Rob Wasserman, the Counting Crows' David Immergluck, and Chris Seefried, who also produced this album. "Love Seed Mama Jump" and "Movin' On" are two awesomely funky tracks. On "Fatal Mistake" you are truly introduced to Roy Jay's bridge from his first album to this one as the sound is familiarly folksy but still retains some elements of roots and blues rock. The lyrically best song on the album is "John Brown" and shows off Roy's inner Dylan. Roy Jay's latest is a definite musical masterpiece of fun, sun, and roots rock.