CD REVIEW: Operation Aloha "Operation Aloha"

Operation Aloha
Operation Aloha is a bit of a supergroup, comprised of members from Gomez, Phantom Planet, and Maroon 5. The guys all got together, being that they are all friends, and decided to make sweet music while on the island of Hawaii together. The result is an outstanding album that combines original tunes with some of the band members' previously released music, all done in a traditional Hawaiian musical style. The best song on the album is "Failure" which previously appeared on Ian Ball's (of Gomez) solo release. The version featured here makes the song even better by adding the Hawaiian elements and the musicality of all of his friends. Overall, the album is a success, creating more of a feeling and an energy than a collection of music. Hopefully this won't be a one time thing, but who knows. At least we still get to bask in their sunshine.