CD REVIEW: Andrew Ripp "She Remains The Same"

She Remains the Same
When Andrew Ripp released his first album, it was quite well received, and it defined him as an incredible singer/songwriter. His latest album defines him as an incredible musician. He has graduated from acoustic guitar driven pop to all out hard hitting rock music. It's true that he is still a songwriter at the core, and there are several songs on the album that show off exactly what he is excellent at. But it's the edgier songs that make this album so good. "Star" is on the border between pop and rock music, and is one of the more tamer songs on the album. It's "Rider" and "Savior" that really get your head rocking and heart pumping. The guitar riffs and the bass rhythms are on point and the lyrics are as creative as ever. Andrew Ripp has shown he is the real deal with his latest album and he has also shown that an independent musician can make a great album without the backing of a major label.