CD REVIEW: Follow The Train "Mercury"

Follow The Train's third release continues down the same path as their previous tow. This time released on independent label Removador Records (started by the guys in My Morning Jacket), the album features the band's signature ambient-meets-southern rock style. Imagine if the guys in My Morning Jacket played all the instruments while the guys in Dawes did all the singing and lyric writing and you've got a pretty good idea of where Follow The Train's newest record falls in the indie rock spectrum. They know how to write the long jams as is proven with "Movin'" and they also fit in the catchy radio-friendly rockers like "Coffee." The finest recording in the mix is the updated version of "219" which bridges the old and new music together through the common thread of a familiar song. This is a song that defined the band up until now and continues to help define the band in their current state. Follow The Train is a band for everyone because their music bridges the gaps between so many genres and their newest record does exactly that.