CD REVIEW: Halloween, Alaska "Champagne Downtown"

Champagne Downtown
Halloween, Alaska make the most organic sounding version of live electronic music of any artist in this relatively new genre. Their music is not at all in the same vein as traditional electronic music, but it has a feel and a quality of ambient electronic music that has only been mastered by true electronic artists. Their combination of voice, lyrics, and ambient sound along with a straightforward indie rock style delivery make their music more than unique. The title track is outstanding and other songs such as "The Ends" define the band from the very first note. Ever since these guys were featured during an episode of the first season of the television show "The O.C." they have proven that their music is head and heels above anyone that remotely tries to compete. Halloween, Alaska are a true pillar in their genre and they have proven it with all three of their albums, and this latest is a huge exclamation point.