CD REVIEW: Matt Wertz "If It Ain't Broke: Live From Seattle"

If It Ain't Broke: Live From Seattle
Matt Wertz has been on the indie scene for a while, and for a brief time flirted with the big time with a major record deal, so he's got a lot of songs under his belt. Being one of the most talented songwriters around, it's only fitting that he should show off his craft in the best light possible, and with this live album he does just that. The album features Wertz performing 16 of his best songs, spanning his entire career, in the purest of forms: just his voice and his guitar. On the album are some incredible variations of the songs "The Day Forever Died," "Everything's Right," and "The Way I Feel," all of which have been fan favorites for quite some time. The stellar performances of songs like "5:19" and "Marianne" show off his songwriting to the max. Also contained in the set are awesome performances of "Summer Sun" and "Carolina" and the show is closed with on of Wertz's best fan favorites "Red Meets Blue." It's true, if it ain't broke don't fix it. So, Matt Wertz keep doing what you are doing!