CD REVIEW: Junip "Fields"

Led by indie folkster Jose Gonzalez, Junip finally got around to releasing new music after being on a pretty long hiatus. Since Gonzalez was busy with his solo career, and the critical praise that went along with it, Junip sat on the shelf. The new release is a familiar sound, now that Gonzalez has had a few recognizable hit songs and developed a following. Jose Gonzalez's signature vocals are layered on top of an amped up version of his familiar folk which is a lot like psychedelic 70's prog rock. "Always" and "Rope & Summit" are awesome songs that will surely become the recognizable cornerstones of this album. Junip are not going to be the next big alternative rock sensation, however, this album is certainly one of the most interesting of the year. Junip should definitely continue to write, record, and release music because there is no one out there that is doing quite what they are with their updated throwback sounds.