CD REVIEW: Matt White "It's The Good Crazy"

It's The Good CrazyAlthough Matt White has already released an album which was met with great praise, his new album is actually the album that shows his talents off the best. After Geffen Records dropped White, despite a critically acclaimed record, White shopped around and landed on Ryko to continue his music career. His newest album shows off his first love, his piano, and a ton of the album features White performing his heart out on the 88 keys. The album's first single, "Falling In Love (With My Best Friend)" is the epitome of pop greatness, and the subject matter regarding the ins and outs of a close friendship is one that any listener can identify with. "She's On Fire" and "And the Beat Goes On" are album standouts . Matt White's greatest strength on this album is his incorporation of outstanding lyricism with his pop frenzy. He has really hit his stride with this collection of songs, and the freedom that he has achieved through his new record contract has reinvigorated his love for the music and the ones who benefit the most are his fans.