CD REVIEW: Ryan Montbleau Band "Heavy On The Vine"

Heavy On the Vine
Over the span of the last few albums that Ryan Montbleau and his band have released the band has really come into their own. With each album the songwriting, the cohesiveness, and the energy has gotten better and they have become a band on the verge of greatness. This latest album mixes familiar songs (several were featured on Montbleau's last solo live acoustic release) with a mess of new tunes, creating a collection that is the band's best to date. They mix general rock and roll with a bit of funk and a little jazz, and bring their live band energy into the studio putting it all down to tape just as if they were delivering it live on stage. "Chariot (I Know)" is one of Montbleau's best three songs (the others coming on his previous RMB release). Other standouts on the album include the acoustic driven "My Best Guess," the country twinged "I Can't Wait," and the brief but funky instrumental "Hands." Ryan Montbleau & co. have outdone themselves and have elevated their game. This album, along with Monbleau's recent songwriting successes, will have them gaining national attention, airplay, and praise.