DVD REVIEW: "Wah Do Dem"

Wah Do Dem
Indie rock musicians making independent films is not a common thing. "Wah Do Dem" is a thoroughly indie film featuring musicians Sean Bones and Norah Jones showing off their acting skills. Norah's character doesn't spend a lot of time on screen, but we know Norah can act from her other film appearances. Sean Bones' acting is a bit like real life. Throughout the entire movie it is as if you are watching an incredible artistic and well shot documentation of a real life Sean Bones vacation. The majority of the film takes place on a cruise ship from New York City to Jamaica, and finally in Jamaica. It chronicles a vacation of a young man who is forced to spend his tropical time all alone after his girlfriend dumps him before the big trip. Sean Bones' character (who is a musician) spend his entire time finding himself while taking in all that the trip has to offer. His time solo on the cruise ship shows off his awkwardness and allows his character to not only subtly mock the experience but to take in a bit of cruise life that is not always seen by the typical vacationer (he spends some time with the crew in 'crew only' areas of the ship. When in Jamaica he is robbed and spends the remainder of the movie lost, broken, and trying to get to the US Embasy in Kingston. The soundtrack is excellent featuring both Sean Bones and Norah Jones as well as MGMT, Yeasayer, Santigold, and some killer deep roots reggae from The Congos (who also appear in the film). The film has received critical praise and has rightfully won a handful of awards. It shows off life and leisure in a tropical paradise in a new image and brings a whole new take on adventure to the viewers of the film. It's a must see for anyone who wants to experience life and film in a new light.