CD REVIEW: Taylor Carson "Defending The Name"

Taylor Carson is a talented young singer/songwriter, and after having released a few albums, he has finally made the album that is going to take him to the next level. His newest album is full of great songs that showcase Carson's masterful lyrics and his uncanny ability to tell stories through songs. He is able to convey his feelings and emotions through each word and each guitar chord. "Someone To Love" is the anchor of the album, having been released for quite some time. The rest of the album that encompassed this song is a trip inside the life and mind of Taylor Carson. It's not a far stretch to compare Carson's lyricism to the likes of Bob Dylan, Johnny Cash, Paul Simon, and James Taylor. "Five" and "Freight Train" are instant classics, and the vivid imagery depicted in songs like "Moonshiner" and "Baby Away" transcends just simple storytelling. Taylor Carson's new album is his heart, soul, mind, and life set to genius song.