CD REVIEW: Weezer "Hurley"

Hurley (Deluxe Version)
Weezer is that band that everyone loves. There is no way that in your lifetime that you have not at some point loved a song that was released by Weezer. Lately they've been pumping out new albums so fast that they are all beginning to be blurred into one giant awesome album. Their latest, which was probably named after the lovable character (pictured on the album cover) from TV show "Lost," is a grown up version of some of the same style of music that they started creating over fifteen years ago. Their song "Memories" has the band looking back at the beginning and reminiscing about what it was like when they were just a young band and how much has actually changed over their careers. "Smart Girls" is a tongue-in-cheek testament to all the girls that lead singer Rivers Cuomo involved himself with during his time earning his degree at Harvard during Weezer's hiatus. The bottom line is that Weezer is probably the best power pop rock band that has ever graced the airwaves. They are fans of everyone and everyone is a fan of them, and on their newest album, their first to be released on an indie label, they continue to prove why they have survived and succeeded for almost 20 years.