CD REVIEW: The Black Angels "Phosphene Dream"

Phosphene Dream [Exclusive Version]
Once in a while a band comes along that amazes you right off the bat. The Black Angels are that type of band. They combine elements of several different styles and eras of rock music to create a sound that, although it can be compared to others, is as unique as it gets. For starters, if you were to describe your first initial impression you might say that the sound is somewhere between the Doors and early 60's Beatles. Now those two bands have very distinctive sounds, and you can hear influences of both throughout the Black Angels' newest album. It might even sound like these guys are a lost piece of the British Invasion, but they are actually from Austin, Texas. For a modern day comparison, mid-90's Dandy Warhols might be as close as you get. The bottom line is psychedelia is alive and well, and showcased perfectly on the first single, "Telephone." The energy of the album is great, and you get a sense that the band is as artistic as they are musically talented. This album is like taking a rock and roll history lesson and wrapping it up in just ten songs.