CD REVIEW: Jason Mraz "Life Is Good"

Life Is Good
Recorded live at this summer's Life Is Good festival in Massachusetts, Jason Mraz's new digital EP is exactly what you'd expect. It's full of high energy music with Mraz's signature delivery. The horn section is in full effect throughout the entire disc, which featured 4 unreleased songs. The EP leads off with "Freedom Song," which is actually a cover of a song by California indie band Luc & The Lovingtons. It sounds like a song that Mraz would have written himself, so it's no wonder he's decided to add it to his arsenal. "San Disco Reggaefornia" and "Up" are two more of the new tunes, showing off his high energy body moving music as well as his fun-loving lyrics. "What Mama Say" is a song that is reminiscent of his first album, showing off his mastery of wordplay and quick lyrical delivery. It is a tongue-in-cheek ditty about all of the stuff you mother told you to do, not do, and always remember. The EP finishes off with "Coyotes," a song from Mraz's last studio album. Jason Mraz is a true performer, and as has been seen on his previous live releases, he sure knows how to do it up. This continues to be the next best thing to seeing him live, and for true Mraz fans getting a taste of new tunes in the form of live performances without having to be at the show is a treat.