CD REVIEW: Tyrone & Elina "Different As Can Be"

Different As Can Be
Tyrone Wells has been making music as a solo performer for quite sometimes, receiving incredible success both as an independent and as part of a major label. This new recording finds him teaming up with his wife for a duets album that is just as good as everything he has previously released. The two share writing duties on the album which is full of beautiful music and both heartfelt and tongue-in-cheek lyrics. The title track, "Lucky," and "Until The Sun Burns Out" are three of the standout tracks. One of the lyrical standouts of the album is "The Exhausted Spouse" which calls for a break from the realities of being a husband, wife, and parent. Tyrone and Elina Wells' music is magical and relatable and they have proven that as a team they as beautifully as they do apart.