CD REVIEW: Matt Costa "Mobile Chateau"

Mobile Chateau
Matt Costa is one of the most talented musicians creating music these days. His latest proves that point more than either of his first two full length albums. Each album has been different, showcasing everything from pop to folk. The latest, seems like an adventure in time travel. The album is a collection that sounds like much of the pop music that was being released in the early to mid 60's. Influences from everyone from the Beatles to the Beach Boys and everything in between can be heard throughout the entire disc. "Witchcraft," the first single, shows off Matt's new take on pop rock music incredibly well, as well as his lyrical prowess depicting a woman's control over him as if she was casting spells. The most incredible song lyrically is "Painted Face" which tells the story of a clown and how there is always a different side to the performer that we never get to know. "Johnny's Love Of Majik" and "The Season" are also standouts in an album that is full of inventiveness and creativity. No one will ever know what Matt Costa has up his sleeve, and this album definitely sets itself apart from his other music as well as anything else other musicians have recently released.