CD REVIEW: Will Hoge "The Living Room Sessions"

The Living Room Sessions [+video]
Will Hoge is a master of musical creativity, and with his latest EP he finds himself revisiting some of the tracks that were contained within his most recent studio album. This endeavour, however, doesn't take place in a studio. Instead, it takes place in Hoge's living room. An unlikely place to record music, the living room adds a bit of intrigue to the music in the form of rawness. It's as if you are sitting there with Hoge as he performs for you. The most exciting of the revisited tracks is of the song "Even If It Breaks Your Heart" which takes an almost Storytellers or Unplugged take on a rocking classic. This acoustic version really sets itsels apart from the original and the rest of the EP, as it is the only song that finds itself this far from the original recording. Also included in the disc is a version of the Hoge classic "All Night Long," which is the only track not featured on Hoge's last album. Will Hoge makes music for music lovers and the EP is Hoge at his best, reinventing himself and his music, while remaining true to his core.