CD REVIEW: Sara Bareilles "Kaleidoscope Heart"

Kaleidoscope Heart [+Digital Booklet]
It's been quite a while since Sara Bareilles broke onto the scene with her incredible debut album. This is the follow up to that album, and although it doesn't match intricacy and intensity of the debut, it's got a whole mess of incredible qualities not seen on that album. On the title track which opens the album Bareilles does her bet Imogen Heap impression, singing the song a capella with the assistance of well produced but not overplayed autotune. The first single "King Of Anything" reminds us that Sara Bareilles and her lyrics are supercharged and full of angst, as well showcasing her incredible hooks. He piano playing is magical on this album, but it's "Basket Case" that shows a different side of Bareilles. On the entire track, Bareilles puts away the piano in order to showcase the vocals and guitar. In the four years since her debut Bareilles has made plenty of guest appearances on her friends' recordings (Joey Ryan, Jay Nash, Tony Lucca), but it's wonderful to her her back behind the mic and piano creating new music. She is currently one of the best young female singer/songwriters making music.