CD REVIEW: Fistful Of Mercy "As I Call You Down"

As I Call You Down
Supergroups are always a sticky proposition in the music world. They can be great or they can be overindulgent and met with a lot of criticism. The way to create a successful and influential supergroup is to make sure the members have had individual success and recognition on their own. Enter Dhani Harrison (accomplished musician and son on late great Beatle, George Harrison), Joseph Arthur (accomplished musician and artist), and Ben Harper (accomplished musician and entrepreneur). These three, combined with a stellar group of studio musicians, have created an incredible folk rock album that parallels all of their individual works and is reminiscent of the music created by supergroup, The Traveling Wilburys (which consequently included George Harrison). The first single, "Father's Son" has country twang mixed with CSN style folk rock and is unlike anything on radio today. Other standouts are the title track and a song called "Fistful Of Mercy." This may just a be a side project for each member of the band, but it proves that the powers of three greats when combined get exponentially better.