CD REVIEW: Maroon 5 "Hands All Over"

Hands All Over
The band's third album is just as good as their previous two, with a handful of instant classic tunes included. While neither their second or third have the potency of the first album, this new collection grows on you with each subsequent listen. The album leads off with two tunes that seem like old friends, and have the quality and familiarity of their debut album mixed with their musical maturity form having been in the game for a while. "Misery" and "Give A Little More" are both songs that are sure to spearhead the sales of this album for months to come. The other songs that are sure to gain massive recognition and radio play are "Never Gonna Leave This Bed" and "Out Of Goodbyes" which features duet vocals by country band Lady Antebellum. Maroon 5 have been unlike any other bands since the broke onto the music scene, and they continue to remain cutting edge and unique with the release of their stellar third studio album.