CD REVIEW: Jason Spooner "Sea Monster"

Sea Monster
Jason Spooner epitomizes the areas of the world he comes from. He is a true folk artist in ever sense of the world. While he may not sound or play music like Bob Dylan or James Taylor, he treats ever song like an organic organism with feeling, substance, and life. On his newest, and best release to date, Jason Spooner pulls out all the stops and proves why he should be recognized and celebrated as an artist. His ability to blend traditional folk with funk, jazz, and blues has this album standing out amongst others in his genre. "Seed In The Ground" is a folksy tune with emphasis on the lyrics, while the radio friendly "Half A Mind" is funky and bluesy, showing off the fun side of Spooner's music. Fans of Amos Lee, Ryan Montbleau, and Ray LaMontagne will all be able to get into each and every song on Spooner's latest, and on the heels of this album, he is poised to become just as well known and influential.