CD REVIEW: The White Buffalo "Prepare For Black & Blue"

Prepare For Black & Blue
The White Buffalo keeps outdoing himself with each subsequent release of new music. This time it comes in the form of a five song EP released on Ruff Shod records, run by pal and musical cohort Chad Stokes of State Radio and Dispatch. The new EP features more dark and deep folk songs from the White Buffalo, showcasing his incredible and powerful vocals, intense lyrics, and Johnny Cash like guitar strumming. "Into The Sun" is an instant classic and sends give the listener chills throughout their body with each lyric and plucked string. He includes "Love Song #2" which may or may not be a sequel to his previously released "Love Song #1." The White Buffalo shines on the track "Darlin' What Have I Done," which is as close to Cash as the White Buffalo has ever come. This new EP proves that the White Buffalo is a force to be reckoned with and he is truly unlike any musician out there today. His angst, his power, and his delivery have him at the top of his musical game.