CD REVIEW: Benjy Davis Project "Sincerely"

This New Orleans based band has been making music for quite some time, and their latest release, put out just before announcing a hiatus, is something of a greatest hits collection with a twist. Benjy and his band have taken a handful of their classic tracks from all of their previous release, as well as an excellent new song, and performed them in a stripped down way to showcase their true musical essence. The lyrics and the simplicity of Benjy Davis Project's music is the star of this entire album and songs like "Sweet Southern Moon" and "Send Your Love Down" are prime examples. The band have included a new take on their hit song "Stay With Me" as well as showcasing the new song "Crashes" in an incredibly pure form. Benjy Davis Project have left us with quite an appetite for new music upon announcing their hiatus. Hopefully during their time away, the creative juices will produce more music as awesome as the tunes in this collection.