CD REVIEW: Haroula Rose "These Open Roads"

These Open Roads
Haroula Rose's new album is going to make her a household name. After releasing a short EP of heartfelt acoustic driven tunes, her latest album is a welcome step in the right direction. Full of lyrically driven songs, Rose showcases both her incredible songwriting and her beautiful voice throughout the entire album. Two songs from her debut EP ("Love Will Follow" and "The Leaving Song") get a reworking , elevating their already great qualities to an even higher level. Lyrically, "Love Will Follow" is one of the best on the entire album, as well as "Simple Time" and "Free To Be Me." The song that is sure to make people take notice and catapult Rose to success is the lead track "Brand New Start" which will surely make waves at AAA radio soon enough. The biggest surprise on the album is her cover of the obscure Mason Jennings song "Duluth," taking an already classic Jennings fan favorite and translating for a whole new fanbase. Despite her incredible lyrics, the performance of "Duluth" is quite possible the best of the entire disc. Haroula Rose is magical and special, and now that she has a few releases under her belt, the world can finally understand just how great her music is.