CD REVIEW: Iration "Fresh Grounds"

Fresh Grounds
Ever since the popularity of Sublime peaked in the mid-nineties, tons of bands from all over the country tried to master the art of the So-Cal reggae-punk that Sublime performed so well. Iration is one of those bands, and they are at the forefront of the movement. Not a Sublime cookie cutter band, Iration blends their own blend and influences from other bands and genres to pop-punk-reggae music like few others. Their previous album put them on the map with several great songs, but it's this new EP that solidifies their spot and showcases the group as artists. This time around it's not just about a great pop song, a good beat, or a catchy hook. They pour their heart and soul into creating intricate, yet familiar music, with emphasis on lyrics like never before. "Summer Nights" keeps the band on the same path, but it's songs like "No Letter" and "Work It Out" that show off the growth and maturity of a small band doing big things. Iration can easily rise to the same heights as Sublime.