CD REVIEW: Jessica Lea Mayfield "Tell Me"

Tell Me [+Digital Booklet]
On her first album she showcased her folk side and her skills with vocal delivery, and her lyricism was well beyond its years. On her newest album she takes all of that to the next level, adding a jazz and blues element to her repertoire that not only elevates her as a musician but shows off her commitment to making great music. Hooking up once again with the Black Keys' Dan Auerbach as producer, she channels the same energy that he brings to his own music and to her first album, blowing away each and every track. "Our Hearts Are Wrong" will become her signature songs, one for which she will be known for during her entire career. But it's not the song on the album that shows off the vibe and energy that is contained within. The lead off track "I'll Be The One You Want Someday" sets the tone for the whole album with it's bluesy feel, and whets the appetite for inventive indie folk and blues rock music. The most surprising track on the album is "Grown Man" which finds itself a little bit in left field with a subtle but evident reggae influence. Jessica Lea Mayfield is a true artist and she takes the singer/songwriter label and crushes it with her ability to think and perform outside of that box.