CD REVIEW: Matt Wertz "Weights & Wings"

Weights & Wings
Matt Wertz has been around for awhile creating some infectious pop rock music with positive messages about love and life. Why should this time be any different? Wertz continues down the same path, this time reaching a level of maturity that shows how his music has grown over the years. While many of the songs he has released prior to now have become sing-a-long staples for countless music fans, several songs on this album have the potential to be huge hits. The first two singles from the collection, "Feels So Right" and "Running Back To You," showcase Wertz's brand of accessible pop as good as any of his previous albums. "Everything Will Be Alright" has a bit of reggae flair and songs like "Family" and "Nobody's You" emphasize Matt's lyrics and hs music's sincerity. Matt Wertz may not be a huge superstar, but that doesn't mean that his music is any less great or important. On "Weights & Wings" Matt Wertz proves that his story and songs are the epitome of true music.