CD REVIEW: Middle Brother "Middle Brother"

Middle Brother
In between working with their own bands, the lead singers of Deer Tick, Dawes, and Delta Spirit got together and decided to form a band. What started as an impromptu performance at SXSW last year turned into a full blown mission to write and record music together. The result is one of the best indie-folk-Americana records released in the past few years. Taking influence from all their own bands, mixing their love for their collaborative styles, and throwing in a bit of CSN style harmonizing, the album showcases each member of the band as an incredibly talented musician and the three together as a masterful trio. The songs "Middle Brother" and "Me, Me, Me" are rocking Americana romps that combine hard plucked guitars with bar room lyrics and delivery. The sleeper highlight is the acoustic driven folk tune "Wilderness." Middle Brother may only be a side project, but it seems that the album has kept these guys on their toes and what they've learned from each other is sure to bleed into each of their bands' music.