CD REVIEW: Bahamas "Pink Strat"

Pink Strat [+Digital Booklet]
Reissued by Brushfire Records, Bahamas' debut album is a simple display of what it means to make outstanding stripped down music. Guitar, drums, and vocals are all it takes to make great music. In fact, you don't even need to have songs that are any longer than 3 minutes. Most of the tracks on this album clock in at less that 3 minutes, with one of the best coming in under 2. That song is "Sunshine Blues" and the title itself sums up the entire feel of the album. It's quietly upbeat and subdued throughout, yet you still get a sense of the complexity that goes into creating simplicity. "Already Yours" is by far the album's cornerstone track, with it's accessible lyrics and radio friendly vibe. The album closes with an obscure cover song, "Whole Wide World," which is also where the name Bahamas came from. You can try to draw comparisons to all kinds of indie and acoustic folk artists from all corners of the globe, but the bottom line is there is no other like Bahamas, and this is just a taste of what is immensely possible in with such a simple musical idea.