CD REVIEW: Kate Voegele "Gravity Happens"

Gravity Happens
Kate Voegele has been leading a double life as of late, playing herself in real life and her alter ego, Mia, on the television show "One Tree Hill." Mia is basically Kate Voegele in fictional form, but Kate still makes time to be Kate and do what she does. Her latest album is her most mature. She has come a long way since her days as an indie songstress, flirting with major label success, a go-around with backing by MySpace, and now finds herself making her most artistic and musical album at her new home, ATO Records. Songs like the title track showcase her skills as a lyricist, and her pop roots are evident on "Heart In Chains" (which she performed as Mia on TV) and "Sunshine In My Sky." This is the album that Kate Voegele set out to make when she began down her path to a career in music. With this she will solidify herself as the true artist that she has always been and not get lost in an endless sea of pop princesses.