CD REVIEW: Ben Harper "Give Till It's Gone"

Give Till It's Gone
Ben Harper has been making music for two decades, and with each new release he brings something new and exciting to the table while still remaining true to his roots and his sound. This latest album, although filled with a ton of rock, finds him lyrically and conceptually returning to his roots as a folk artist. The content of his music is heartfelt and real, with both straightforward descriptions of loss and heartache as well as symbolic representations of the world in which he lives. It's not surprising that the rock music sounds a lot like his recent work with his 'other' band Relentless7, and the lead single "Rock N' Roll Is Free" is an incredible depiction of that. The song also channels folk rock legend Neil Young, and the album itself features guest appearances by Jackson Browne and Ringo Starr. "Feel Love" is sure to see some heavy radio airplay and "I Will Not Be Broken" is destined to become a quiet fan favorite. Ben Harper always wears his heart on his sleeve in all of his music, but it has never been so evident as it is here.